The Five Marketing Tools That Ever Small Business Should Know About


There are many companies that still do not use technology, and even distrust it. They do not take into account that by rejecting it, they also put aside one of the greatest allies of companies today. Learn about the most beneficial digital tools and how to take advantage of them.

The benefits of implementing digital tools in small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) are innumerable and many times their return on investment is almost immediate. We invite you to check out the top five technological tools to improve your SME below.

In addition to having an adequate website and an email with a personalized domain, it is essential that your company – if it wants to advance – has these tools that will allow it to better achieve its objectives:


While you may already use these tools to generate reports of the traffic and activity of your website and its content, many SMEs do not utilize these free services. Whether they are unaware of what an asset Google Analytics and Google Ads can be to their business or they are unsure how to properly interpret the collected data, they are missing out on invaluable information.

This technology goes beyond just being a search engine. Google Ads will facilitate the placement of advertising in different formats around the web and Google Analytics will allow you to observe the performance of your site, the origin of your web traffic, and the behavior of your visitors (how many pages they visit, how long they stay, etc.), among other useful data collection. Reviewing your analytics at least once a week and adjusting accordingly will make a notable difference in your exposure. Your SME can pinpoint the strengths of how you are currently driving customers to your website and uncover any areas in need of improvement. Learning to evaluate the collected data from these free tools, you can adjust your strategies for advancement within your industry, easily making this the most important tool on the list.


Even if you are a traditional entrepreneur who started your business before the rise of social media, it is important that you understand the usefulness of social media. Without a doubt this is the tool that every business should use, not only because of its presence but also because of the potential to attract customers organically, retain existing ones and obtain feedback in real-time about your product or service. You are able to market your products and services directly to the customer on the platforms they are already using.

Social networks are a powerful sales force that increases the conversion rate of institutions by 50%. The conversation rate is the percentage of users who simply visit your website, compared to those who make purchases, reservations, registrations, or downloads.

Ideally, hiring a marketing agency to correctly manage your social networks can provide a solid presence on these platforms, in turn making your SME a more attractive brand for internet users. They can also generate automatic responses to users and provide access to information on interaction, clicks, and traffic, as well. Collaboratively, you can schedule, organize and plan future publications so your company will always be one step ahead.


If you have a completed video, ad, or commercial showcasing your product or service, YouTube is the perfect medium to take your SME to the next level. This video sharing platform allows you to take your marketing strategy to the next level by displaying your product while sharing your creativity, communicating your message visually, and easily grabbing the attention of potential customers.

In less than five minutes, you can create a channel where you can upload and share videos with millions of daily visitors who surf the most extensive network of videos on the Internet. This multimedia social medium offers great advantages for companies that are succinct and detail-oriented. They know how to optimize the video titles and descriptions in order to attract their target audience and maximize their presence in searches by using keywords.

Integration of your videos with your SME’s other digital marketing strategies such as email newsletters, blogs, social media, etc. will only further your exposure. The idea is to strategically place the attention-grabbing ad in all the places where there could be a potential client interested in your company, services, or products. If you only upload them to YouTube only to forget about them, soon your audience will forget you too. The idea is to direct them to your website, where you can show them why they’re the right choice for you. This is another great opportunity to appeal to a marketing agency to clarify your message, intent, and help manage so you have a greater impact on potential customers.


Technology is important, but customer relationships remain at the top of the list for success. A customer relationship management system, or CRM, allows you to ensure relationships are functioning at the highest level. You can strengthen the loyalty of existing customers and learn how to attract new customers, which translates into higher profitability for your SME.

Whether you are looking to launch a new product or simply want to improve your marketing strategies, obtaining a CRM is a great resource to consider. There are many different options on the market today, notably Active Campaign and SalesForce, which can be tailored to suit your needs for a fairly reasonable price.


Email marketing is essential for the success of most companies. It helps you move consumers through your sales funnel by allowing a more intimate interaction between brand and consumer.

To make email marketing an impressive and organized option for advertising, you need a tool that allows you to create and target a list of subscribers (or several) and manage them accordingly.

There are tools such as Active Campaign or MailChimp that will not only allow you to send emails to thousands of people in one click, but then report back on the percentage of people who opened the email, the subsequent clicks on your website, and provide you with the information necessary to get to your know your audience. Knowing your target audience and what they are looking for will allow you to connect with them, translating to more sales and profit margins in less time.



Surveys are a great way to collect information about consumers, increase engagement, discover trends, and obtain tangible comprehensive information about your business in a simple and user-friendly format. Survey Monkey is one of the most popular online survey tools utilized today, in fact, you’ve likely received a link to take one of their surveys.

The software is extremely simple and easy to use for all ages. In a few minutes, you will be able to design, create and publish your own survey. The service is free for up to 10 questions and 100 answers, then it has monthly or annual payment plans that you can check here. Later you will be provided with the results so you can evaluate where changes in your marketing strategy need to be made.

These five tools are just some of the many marketing tools that are at your disposal to grow your business more effectively and attract consumers, without having to worry about your budget. Not bad huh?

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