Over Communicate With Your Clients During Covid 19


Communication is one of the most underrated tasks by business owners — we often leave it to the back burner, and it never gets any priority over other tasks.  Now is the time for Over-Communication with your clients. Why? Because poor communication is always noticed by your clients and damages your brand and your clients’ experience. All of this can be prevented by having a communication plan on how often, and what manner you will communicate. Since you can’t meet with your clients due to the social distancing era, your communication plan has to include phone calls, social media, email marketing, print media, and video conferences.


When you are reading to create your COVID-19 communication plan, be sure to consider your content and frequency. Be sure to include your sales team and staff as they will often bring up needed communications you can add to the plan.

Frequency: Will you conduct daily, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly communications? Each channel of communication has a best practice guideline to consider. For example, you may wish to communicate more frequently in social media, but that same frequency may be too much for email or video conferencing. Communication channels include social media, email, print and digital advertising, phone, and video conferencing.

Content: Outline your sales process and the critical success measures for each. Include what you need to learn from clients as well as what you need to convey. Be sure to have helpful content for each stage and remember the essential thing is active listening skills, and that you make your client feel heard and understood.

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