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Endomarketing involves activities that recognize and include employees to create a highly effective workplace.


A motivated worker can be 13% to 33% more creative and productive than a demotivated worker? In a study from Oxford University, happy people show greater energy and dynamism in their work tasks, which leads to more efficiency and productivity in companies. Happy employees see the good side of problems or incidents that arise in the workplace. Likewise, a pleasant environment allows individuals to have positive personal relationships, control, and autonomy, develop their creativity, meet objectives, and therefore there is a balance between personal and work life.

Endomarketing (or internal marketing) helps improve the company image for a motivated team and reduced staff turnover. Not every company has the same salaries or motivational possibilities as Google or other large established companies. Still, there are many ways to make the team feel integrated and happy within the company.


Start by analyzing the working relationships that exist, internal communications, and connecting points between teams. Remember, the objective of the endomarketing strategy is to optimize current processes to define a new system that promotes team integration, training, and motivation.


Many companies came from an organizational structure with a very clear hierarchy, where communication rarely flowed between different levels or departments. Endomarketing helps to stablish new communication channels between the different levels and departments of the company. Employees want to feel that their contribution to the company has value. Use communication tools to help, especially for remote workers. If you are in the same office, you can schedule weekly meetings to give and receive feedback or stay away from the office every month to share opinions with everyone.


Does your team have all the necessary work tools to develop its function without a problem? On the one hand, create a suitable work environment offering a comfortable and welcoming space, and on the other hand, providing workers with the essential tools to work.

Recognize the type of environment your team might need; a law office might have a corporate and modern look, but if you work with creative teams, consider livelier options. Encourage teamwork with common areas to meet. It’s also fine to have secluded spaces, such as a meeting room, to meet or use if a worker needs to focus or make important calls.


Do employees have real possibilities of promotion within the company? Be sure to set goals, review progress and offer training and coaching. When they know that there is room for growth, they will feel more committed and involved.


Ask your team what they think about the company, its work, and the synergies between departments and levels. Send satisfaction surveys for large teams and if your team is small, do it in person.


Benefits can range from simple recognition in meetings to formal internal or external company communications. And don’t forget to consider health and wellness benefits, so your company is competitive in the market.


This point, although short, is very important. Many bosses think that the team is the one who has to solve their problems, while a good leader is aware that it is he who has to facilitate things between his employees and the work they do. Endomarketing involves trying to make employees work easier, streamlined and looking for solutions whenever they have a problem or need help. And, don’t wait for problems to build up before addressing them. Be proactive; the team will greatly appreciate you helping them out whenever possible.


Your team is working for you in exchange for a fee, but they have chosen to work with you instead of working with another company. They are investing their time and talent in your brand, and the least they deserve is that you show them your appreciation.

We all need to hear from time to time that we are doing things well, our work, and the results we achieve. We encourage you to also do it with those who have decided to dedicate so many hours a day to your brand and company.


Interpersonal relationships are an important factor for the success of any endomarketing strategy. For example, happy hours, birthdays’ celebrations, barbecues, holiday parties, and benefit events help to motivate employees. It’s uplifting and helps make the week lighter and less stressful. There are many options to improve communication. Have you already have some implemented in your company? Let us know in the comments below!

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