Break Free from the Commodity Trap Differentiation is the Key to Stand Out

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Stand Out, Step Up, and Sell More!

Are you tired of being just another roofing company or siding installer in a sea of competitors claiming to be the best? The real problem in our industry is that many roofing companies and siding installers fall into the commodity trap, sounding the same, leaving customers to make decisions based solely on price. 

But there’s a solution – by embracing sales differentiation strategies, you can set your roofing or siding business apart and elevate it to new heights. Let’s explore how you can break free from the commodity trap and thrive in the competitive world of roofing and siding contracting.  Learn now how to Stand Out, Step Up, and Sell More!


  • If you are a chronic consumer of sales information without application, stop and reconsider this.  Information without application leads to sales constipation, so don’t be full of it!  Commit to learning one new sales skill, applying/practicing that skill until you can’t get it wrong, and recruiting accountability to improve the probability of getting better than you were the day before.
  • Differentiation or UVP, like many “buzz” words, has lost its impact, not because it’s not valuable but because self-appointed sales gurus have made it significantly more complex than it needs to be.  Complexity leads to delayed decisions or indifference. Either way, you won’t grow!
  • Our sales blog series for roofing companies and siding installer sales professionals is simple to understand and relevant to your growth, with tangible action items you can implement to improve.
  • The chief difference maker as a sales professional begins and ends with YOU; it’s not the job of your company, their product or service, or the marketing department to differentiate; YOU need to be a different type of seller.  

Now that we have that settled invest five more minutes of reading and be ready to take action.  Again, pick one area you have absolute control over and execute it.Work (Eric’s Office)

Escape the Commodity Trap: Differentiate or Disappear

You claim your company, products, and customer satisfaction are “the best.” For example, “We have the best (manufacturer name),” “We are a local family-owned company in business for 20 years, we are owner-operated, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.  We do great work, and we have great people. We offer free estimates.  Sound familiar?  Exactly!

In the world of roofing companies and siding installers, it’s all too common for businesses to make bold claims like “We’re the best in the business” or “Our products are unmatched.” The problem is every competitor is saying the same thing. This leads to a situation where prospects can’t distinguish one roofing company or siding installer from another, leaving price as the only perceived differentiator.

You must rethink how you present your business and offerings to break free from this trap.

Resolution – Differentiate through HOW you sell, not WHAT you sell.

The Indisputable Differentiator: You!

Ultimately, your attention to your client will make all the difference:  Homeowners listen through filters. Do I trust you? Do I like you? Do you get me and my problems?  Do I feel important?

  • Incorporate Personal Value Differentiation: Develop your expertise, network, and responsiveness. 
  • Ask More Questions and Make Fewer Statements: Solve issues swiftly by tapping into your network of connections. Visualize your network with a relationship map.
  • Be a Genuinely Good Listener: Build authentic, trust-based client relationships. Use client relationship management (CRM) software to maintain meaningful connections.
  • Become a Knowledge Resource: Share valuable information demonstrating your commitment to their success. Create an email newsletter template for sharing industry insights.

Elevate Your Sales Strategy

It’s not just what you offer; it’s how you present it. To set your roofing company or siding installation business apart, you need to elevate your selling approach:

  • Mold Buyer Decision Criteria: Help clients redefine their needs and expectations to see your value. Use a flowchart to illustrate how your roofing or siding solutions align with their unique requirements.
  • Expertise Differentiates: Showcase your mastery in solving problems and achieving goals. Share case studies highlighting your expertise in handling challenging roofing or siding projects.
  • Custom-Tailored Presentations: Avoid the cookie-cutter elevator pitches. Your solution should be a perfect fit for each buyer. Use a customizable template to show how your roofing or siding services adapt to individual client needs.

Master the Art of Questioning to Position Your Differentiators

  • Plan Your Questions: Craft questions that align with your unique strengths and uncover opportunities for improvement. Create a question matrix that guides your conversations.  Find a problem and solve it.  No problem, no sale.
  • Use transitions: Keep the conversation smooth and natural with insulating phrases that put buyers at ease. Create a list of insulating phrases to have at your disposal.  Get micro-commitments throughout the qualifying process to test engagement and create an internal acceptance pathway.
  • End with Clarity on Next Steps: Wrap up with a final question to ensure everyone is on the same page. Create a checklist for sales presentations with a commitment to the next step.
  • Proactive Resolution of Most Probable Concerns:  Addressing concerns before they arise is vital to maintaining control of and guiding the conversation. One common concern is price. Instead of reacting defensively when asked about cost, consider proactive strategies:
  • Handle Price Questions early and with Finesse: Focus on the value you bring rather than a defensive price response. Use a visual representation to show how your roofing or siding pricing aligns with the value delivered.

The Anchors of Sales Differentiation (Owners take heed and help your people be successful in selling)

Differentiation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. To stand out, you need to identify and emphasize your strengths across six key areas:

  • Your Company: Showcase your financial strength, impressive client portfolio, and how you handle reference requests. Your credibility matters: potential clients want to know they can trust your roofing company or siding installation business with their project.
  • Your People: Highlight your team’s expertise and certifications. Your people are your most valuable asset, and showcasing their qualifications can instill confidence in your clients.
  • Your Products: Emphasize what sets your roofing or siding products apart, whether quality, customization options, or unique features. Provide visual representations of your product’s quality and how they can enhance a client’s property.
  • Your Service Excellence: Make exceptional customer service, performance metrics, and safety standards part of your identity. Share statistics on your service response times and safety records.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Demonstrate how your roofing or siding installations surpass the competition. Use diagrams to illustrate your technology stack and how it ensures a superior roofing or siding experience.
  • Your Contract Flexibility: Offer terms, guarantees, and warranties that give your clients peace of mind. Use infographics to represent your flexible contract terms visually.

Your Last Chance to Stand Out and Step Up

Your references can be a powerful differentiator:

  • Differentiate Through Reference Handling: Make your references count by selecting the right ones for each deal. Create a reference portfolio showcasing successful roofing or siding projects.
  • Provide Reference Descriptions: Help buyers understand what they can learn from your references. Include descriptions of each reference’s project scope and outcomes.
  • Coach Your References: Ensure your references effectively highlight your value. Provide a reference coaching guide to help your homeowners present your roofing or siding services positively.

The commodity trap doesn’t have to define your roofing company or siding installation business. By embracing sales differentiation strategies, you can break free from the crowd and become the roofing or siding contractor clients can’t resist choosing. Elevate your company by showcasing your uniqueness, addressing the probable concerns, and providing a vision of a beautiful project completed.

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