Lead Magnets Help Nurture Prospects

BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS NURTURING PROSPECTS Nurturing campaigns or communications to prospects that keep your business and services top of mind is a great business practice for any company. As a […]

Tax Credits On Windows And Doors Are Back

REINSTATED IN 2020 After a 3-year absence, Government tax credits on windows and doors are reinstated. They were put back in place at the beginning of 2020, although there was […]

Lead Generation During Covid-19

ALIGN GOALS AND TACTICS TO ENSURE SUCCESS These unfortunate times have business owners rethinking and recreating their lead generation strategy. Especially small business owners that are dependent on human interaction […]

Working From Home Is Your Sales Process Ready?

GET ORGANIZED AND IN THE CLOUD Are you using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) sales tool? If not, your sales process might not be ready.  Because of COVID-19 and social […]

Contractor Business Strategies During Covid

LOOKING FOR WAYS TO ADAPT YOUR BUSINESS DURING COVID-19? Preparing your company to respond to COVID-19 doesn’t have to be difficult. First and foremost you’ll want to put your customers […]

Lead Magnets Creating Your Plan

BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS CREATING YOUR PLAN Welcome article two in our three article series, Building Your Business Using Lead Magnets. In part one, we discussed Building Your Business, Nurturing Prospects to keep […]

Marketing And Sales: A Necessary Union

COMMUNICATIONS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER WHAT DOES THE COMPANY DEMAND? When experts meet with entrepreneurs, they look for ways to leverage digital marketing to grow sales. The recurring theme […]